Wriggling, scrambling and squirming like a weasel, you enter an underground labyrinth of tunnels, voids and tight spaces under a jumble of vast boulders that have lain undisturbed since the ice age.
Don’t worry, this is not caving and there is always an easier route! You frequently pop up into the daylight before exploring the next chamber.  Great for all the family. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, it’s a different world in the tunnels.
SuitabilityMinimum age: 8 yo
Cost per person
Minimum booking charge£290.
BookingGroups bookings on a request-only basis
WearComfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots or outdoor shoes, hat, waterproof jacket and sunscreen.
IncludedHelmet, overalls
LocationLoch Duntelchaig, near Inverness
weaselling near loch ness