At In Your Element, we are always on the look out for new ways in which we can improve what we do when it comes to looking after the environment.  Afterall, we rely on Scotland’s amazing landscape for our business to be successful, so if we can help make it better, we will.

During 2022, we started trialling a portable camping toilet on our guided Canoe Across Scotland Canoe Holidays. For years we have ‘coached’ our customers on the art of wild-toiletting – where, how and what pitfalls to look out for.  When done correctly, wild-toiletting shouldn’t be a problem, but when done wrong, it can impact on local water sources, spoil the enjoyment of others when they find it, or it might or be dug up by animals if not deep enough in the ground.  Although we’d argue wild-toiletting is all part of a good wilderness experience, not everyone gives the experience 10 out of 10, funnily enough!

So, with two objectives in mind we bought ourselves a Lulu Tourlet Camping Toilet.  When you see it, you might think, that isn’t that appealing!  However, when you consider that the alternative is to dig a cat-hole and squat in the trees, perhaps this isn’t that bad afterall.

The first objective of this trial was to give us the option of packing-out our waste and to dispose of it properly when suitable facilities become available.  That obviously helps minimise our impact on the countryside.  However, there is also the benefit of being able to offer our customers a slightly more comfortable way to poo with a view.  They generally arrive on day 1 of our expeditions fully expecting that they will need to squat to plop, but have always been pleasantly surprised when LuLu makes an appearance.

Photo of a box of Who Gives a Crap sustainable toilet paperOh and one more thing.  We’ve also started using a more sustainable toilet paper.  We now use ‘Who Gives a Crap‘ toilet rolls which are made from bamboo.  They are plastic free and made from sustainable products.  50% of the company’s profits are also donated to clean water and sanitation non-profits.  So it’s a win, win situation.

It does take up a bit more space in the canoe, along with all the other camping equipment, but it seems to be working a treat.  Unfortunately, we can’t fit one in our sea kayaks to go on west coast expeditions, but we’re planning to introduce LuLu to more of our canoe expedition locations in the not too distant future.

Perhaps you can join us on expedition, so you too, can use LuLu for a more pleasant poo with a view!