After waiting for what has seemed like an eternity, the latest addition to our list of exciting activities is almost ready to go.  From the end of August, when water levels are most likely to be suitable, you’ll be able to book an adrenalin-fuelled Whitewater Sledging session with us. Sledges on Whitewater??? Yes. The most

Canoe sailing brings a new dimension to canoeing and is FUN! Having recently tried canoe sailing for the first time in May this year, I enjoyed it so much that I’ve just gone out and bought one. It’s not perhaps something that many ‘new-to-canoeing’ paddlers might consider doing, but it doesn’t have to be difficult

If you’re into the outdoors and need to know when to avoid the wind or indeed if you’re actively looking for windy conditions, then this website could be what you’re looking for. provides up to date weather conditions, but in particular has a great overview of current and forecasted wind conditions.  We also like