Canoeing with a sail
Canoe sailing brings a new dimension to canoeing and is FUN!

Having recently tried canoe sailing for the first time in May this year, I enjoyed it so much that I’ve just gone out and bought one.

It’s not perhaps something that many ‘new-to-canoeing’ paddlers might consider doing, but it doesn’t have to be difficult and can make the journey along the likes of Loch Ness a breeze, if you’ll pardon the pun.  Although my wife questions the apparently endless new bits of kit that arrive through my door I think this one will appeal to her.  Although a fan of canoeing, there are occasions when she is perhaps, keen to move a bit more quickly on long open stretches!  This is where a sail can come in very handy and keep your partner happy!

There are all sorts of shapes and sizes of sails and ways in which you can fix them to a single canoe or a bunch of boats rafted up together.

At its most basic you could use an umbrella or something like a big orange survival bag that you might buy in an outdoor shop (using a couple of poles or spare paddles to help make a sail).  You could also purchase a basic canoe sail like the one sold by Endless River, which again, just needs a couple of paddles or poles to create a sail, but with the advantage of being able to see where you’re going!

After that, they get bigger and fancier and more expensive, but all doing the same basic job.  On our recent guided Great Glen Canoe Expedition, our instructor Ade, rigged up a sail having rafted the canoes together.  It made for an exciting journey along Loch Lochy’s length and a well earned rest for the paddlers.

The Canoe & Kayak UK magazine recently published an article on sailing and it provides some great information if you’re thinking about having a go or indeed, if you just want to find out more about it.  Check this link out

If you want to try before you buy, we hire out canoe sails as part of our boat hire and outfitting service

I hope this has inspired you to go out and find out some more about canoe sailing and please do share this with friends on Twitter and Facebook or Google+.