River sledging

After waiting for what has seemed like an eternity, the latest addition to our list of exciting activities is almost ready to go.  From the end of August, when water levels are most likely to be suitable, you’ll be able to book an adrenalin-fuelled Whitewater Sledging session with us.

Sledges on Whitewater??? Yes.

The most basic, hands on, ‘face in the water’ style of white water rafting. All you need is your swimsuit and an absolutely positive can-do attitude. We will outfit you with a whitewater sledge, plus flippers, wet suit and helmet.  It’s one of the most exciting water sports around and calls for a fair degree of nerve and a solid grasp on the sledge.  It’s still relatively new to the UK but is already well established elsewhere in Europe, the US and the home of extreme adventure, New Zealand.

We were lucky enough to have some of the guys from Serious Fun River Sledging in New Zealand, pop in to say hello, check out our proposed venues and give us some top tips. Thanks guys!

This activity is definitely aimed for the more adventurous.  You must be able to swim and be confident in fast moving water.  If you want somemore information please get in touch.