The cool camping series of books (and website) have grown in number over recent years as the popularity of camping increases year on year.  The lure of the magical outdoors tempting people to dig the tent out of the loft for the first time in years, or perhaps even trying it for the first time.

We love this book and have a couple of copies in the office, kept handy for quick reference when customers call looking for idea, or of course, when planning a wee trip of our own. What’s the book about? This guide is aimed at those looking for calmer waters …rivers, canals, inland lochs and sheltered

If you’re new to canoeing or just haven’t been out paddling for a long time, here are some suggestions/reminders about the kind of kit you should think about having when out paddling your favourite loch, or if exploring a new Highland River.  The items near the top of the list are the ones you are