As you may already know, our canoe guides are out canoeing on Loch Long regularly from Easter to October, with visitors to the area.  They love paddling on this awesome sea loch, partly because the surroundings are stunning but also because of the wildlife that they regularly see from sea birds galore, to colonies of seals.

Loch Long has a long and varied history and is a considerable size, at 20 miles long. Although it is fairly long, its name actually comes from the Gaelic for “ship lake”.  Prior to their defeat at the Battle of Largs in 1263, Viking raiders sailed up Loch Long to Arrochar, and then dragged their longships 2 miles overland to Tarbet and into Loch Lomond.  this made it easier for them to target inland settlements.

If you’re lucky you might come across an array of wildlife while exploring Loch Long.  Wildlife of all sorts have made their homes in or around Loch Long, including gannets, eider ducks, cormorants, oyster catchers, grey seals, occasional pilot whales, porpoises and dolphins and sometimes even a humpback whale.  Remember your binoculars and cameras!

So, do take time to stop and have a good look around the next time you’re in the area or better still join one of our family-friendly canoe trips on Loch Long to see the Loch from the best viewpoint….. on it!