Watch out for invasive species on your next adventure.
Spring has sprung across Scotland and it’s so great to see many of our favourites return for another year, whether it’s the snowdrops in February, the daffodils in March or the bluebells in May, they are all a welcome sight.
However, when you’re next out on a mini-adventure by bike, boat, or in boots, keep your eyes open for some less-welcome visitors. Over the years, a number of invasive species have settled in Scotland and can crowd out our native species. They are really difficult to control.
Many of these you will already be familiar with – Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed (don’t touch it), and Japanese Knotweed, for example.
As attractive as they are to look at, they’re not good for our native species and we can all help the Scottish Environment & Rural Services (SEARS) to keep track of their spread by reporting what you have seen, how many or how large an area they cover, where, and when.
You can email them at or call them at 08452 30 20 50.
Himalayan Balsam
Japanese Knotweed