spot connect Has anyone out there got this piece of equipment yet?  This is a device that connects to your smartphone and allows you to connect to the outside world from many (although not all) of the remotest places in the world.

It sounds great in theory but how much does it cost over and above the purchase price e.g. sending messages/ checking in?  How do you find out?

Key Features

    • Send messages from virtually anywhere via satellite
    • Type & Send message (41 character) or Predefined message (120 character) options*
    • Track Progress on Google Maps or SPOT Adventures page*
    • Integrates with and popular social websites
    • Smartphone app for operation and detailed status
    • On-device SOS button for standalone emergency operation

Would love to find out more about this piece of kit, given Mike and I have a big expedition planned later in the year and would love an excuse to try this out!

Find out more about Spot Connect on their website

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30th July 2011
Thanks i love your article about Spot Connect | The Boots N Paddles' Blog
9th August 2011
I now have some additonal cost info, although not much more. It looks like there is an annual service charge of around $100 to pay. I suspect that text messages are in addition to this, but at what rate I don't know...yet.
7th November 2011
I'm back from Nepal having had a brilliant yet challenging experience. SPOT lived up to expectations and probably exceeded them to be honest. With a large number of family and friends following our progress from the comfort of their home, one of the guys actually logged on at the moment we summited, see SPOT check in there and then, Batteries lasted a lot longer than expected and despite some patchy reception down in the valleys, you'll see from the following link that SPOT pretty much followed us all the way. I recommend this bit of kit and know that a couple of the other guys (including our guide) is looking at getting one.

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