Reporting crimes that you might come across when out walking, biking or boating.
It is, unfortunately, not uncommon now to come across different types of crime when out exploring with friends or family, or perhaps even on a school expedition.
For the purposes of this post, we’re talking about wildlife crimes, pollution and fly-tipping. All these problems have a hugely detrimental effect on not only our enjoyment of the outdoors for recreation, but they cause lasting damage to the environment and wildlife too.
We can all help report such crimes if/ when we come across something untoward:
– Wildlife crimes (whether in progress or not) you should call either 999 or 111.
– Reporting pollution to SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) – call 0800 807060 24hrs a day.
– Fly-tipping – Call 0800 80 70 60
Remember that when you call you will need to provide an exact location ( is ideal for this purpose) and details about the crime.
Every little helps.