Mountain biking can be for everyone.

It’s great to see mountain biking gradually becoming more and more accessible to those that may, in the past, just not had the means or opportunity to enjoy this fantastic activity.

As a registered Go MTB activity provider offering bike coaching, it’s only fairly recently that In Your Element has been able to include riders with disabilities, having linked up with Aviemore-based Able2Adventure. Making use of their instructors and adaptive equipment means that we include riders with disabilities in the sessions too, helping to make them feel more included in activities.

We’re linking up again with Able2Adventure again this week.

Do watch this video and read the accompanying article on the DMBinS website.  This video explores how Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland’s MTB Health Programme manager, Dr Christine Fox, with Craig Grimes from Experience Community, are working on the Fundamentals of Mountain Bike Leadership Awards course to train mountain bike leaders to help more disabled riders experience the trails.