Whenever we head to the outdoors for work or recreation we should all be keeping a few simple guidelines in mind, to help minimise the impact we have on the environment around us.  We can all do our bit, in however little a way, to help preserve what is becoming a landscape under pressure from all sorts of factors.  If we were all to make a few small changes to the way do do things when out enjoying the outdoors, the overall impact could be huge.

The Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoor Ethics has a list of principles that can help guide us.  In Scotland we enjoy the freedom to roam, unlike many other countries.  However, we do still have the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and Paddlers’ Access Code, specifically for people using the country’s wonderful countryside for work or play.  Our access code promotes very similar guidelines to those of Leave No Trace, with a Scottish perspective.

The following graphic provides a handy overview of the kinds of things you should be thinking about when planning a trip, as well as when you are out enjoying nature.  We hope you find this overview of the Leave No Trace Principles handy.  There is a lot more detail on their website if you want to learn more (www.lnt.org)

You can click on the images below to download a pdf version of the overview.

Leave No Trace principles overview - click to download pdfLeave No Trace principles overview - click to download pdf

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