Litter and fly-tipping is something we are all (unfortunately) getting used to seeing in Scotland, and the situation seems to be getting worse despite efforts to prevent it from happening.  It not only spoils our walks in the countryside or towns, but causes pollution of our waterways and can harm animals, birds, and water-based life.
Something we can all do to help is reporting fly-tipping if we come across it anywhere. You can do this on the Zerowaste Scotland website.  It’s easy to be annoyed about behaviour like that and moan about it your friends, but the risk is that we see it as someone else’s problem.  So, why not commit to pick up a bit of litter every time you’re out and about – even one bit at a time makes a difference, particularly if we all help out.  Get the kids involved too and help them understand why it’s not ok to litter.
Every little bit helps.