The outdoors is, of course, essential for dogs and their owners. In Scotland, you can walk your dog on most land as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and keep your dog under proper control.

Outdoors with your dog

Poorly controlled dogs are a serious concern for farmers, other land managers and visitors to the countryside.

Dogs can:

  • Worry or attack livestock, for example causing pregnant ewes to miscarry or resulting in injury or death
  • Disturb wildlife, including breeding birds
  • Scare other people

Dog waste also spreads diseases to people, their dogs and other animals, particularly in fields with livestock or where fruit and vegetables are growing.


Important things to remember

  • Do not allow your dog to approach animals or people uninvited (in open country, it may not be obvious when animals are around)
  • Where possible avoid animals – release your dog if threatened by cattle and don’t linger if wildlife is disturbed by your presence
  • Always keep your dog in sight and under control – if in doubt use a lead
  • Don’t take your dog into fields of vegetables and fruit unless there is a clear path
  • Always bag and bin dog poo – take it home when bins aren’t available

If you would like some more top tips on being a responsible dog owner, please check out the Outdoor Access Website using the link that follows.