Lessons from the master: A short film from canoeist Bill Mason illustrates the joy and poetry of paddling solo.  All the basic strokes used to control the canoe are rendered with perfect clarity through animated lines. Like what you see?  Share it with your friends on Facebook or let us know about your favourite paddling

According to the Marine Conservation Society, Scotland has the highest average litter levels in the UK of six out of the seven sewage-related debris items: condoms, cotton bud sticks, nappies, tampons/tampon applicators, toilet fresheners, and sanitary towels/pantyliners/backing strips. What’s more, last year’s Beachwatch Big Weekend revealed that litter levels on Scottish beaches increased by 24%,

Did the headline grab your attention?  Good. Having recently attended an event in Edinburgh (the SYHA Youth Residential Experiences Conference, which was very good I have to say), I was wowed by some stats that Gavin Howat (Inspector, Health & Safety Executive, Scotland) offered in a presentation he gave, about taking the fear factor out

On the 7th October 2011, Boots N Paddles’ staff, Mike and Calum will head off to Nepal to attempt one of its highest trekking peaks; Mera Peak [6476m/ 21,246ft].  In the year of their 40th birthdays (yes, they’re that old!), here was a great excuse to take on this adventure after some lengthy negotiations with