[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In Your Element recently undertook a quick review of how sustainable its website was using a tool called the Website Carbon Calculator.  We were a bit surprised to find out that our website was regarded as a dirty website, in terms of sustainability.

Website Carbon calculator result for in your element websiteAs a company we have a number of green policies and procedures in place to try and help us reduce our cabon footprint, but hadn’t really thought too much about the website.  Although the carbon footprint tester is a fairly basic tool, it suddenly made us think carefully about the impact our website was having on our planet.

So, having sought a bit of advice from our website developer we’ve been able to make a few quick, but very effective changes to our existing site to help reduce the carbon footprint.

Removing old plugins that were no longer needed, cleaning up some of the code in the background and installing a couple of new tools that allow us to block bots and manage how images appear on the site have made a huge difference.  These changes have allowed us to speed up the performance of our site significanlty, meaning that it also loads quicker, and ultimately customers can find what they need more quickly.  The outcome of this is that less energy is required.  It has also improved our Google ranking, which was an unexpected by-product of cleaning up our site.

Carbon calculator result - clean website result

This is great news for us, but we’re also considering rebuilding our website at the end of 2022, to upgrade the existing template to something that is more up to date and efficient.  That will hopefully reduce our website carbon footprint even more.

This is definitely something we would recommend any business does.  Some relatively small changes and a bit of time can make a significant difference to your businesses carbon footprint.  Importantly, can also improve the performance of your website to help your customers find what they looking for more easily.

If we all do our little but, the combination of all these changes will make a difference.