Drambuie Pursuit zap cats kyle of lochalsh

The Drambuie Pursuit is over for another year, the 6th year since inception.  We’ve been involved since the outset having worked closely with the event organisers Events 22 and Drambuie throughout, organising many of the events, staff and logistics throughout the event.

Yet again, the event was a great success despite some rather mixed weather conditions and a road accident (not connected to the Pursuit) leading to a lengthy detour that could have, but ultimately didn’t delay the teams crossing the finish line.whitewater rafting on the river garry

For those that aren’t familiar with it, the event involves a number of stages, starting on the Isle of Skye and finishing at Inverness Castle on the same day. It’s a great opportunity for Drambuie to showcase its brand in what can only be descibed as some of the most beautiful scenery in Scotland.  The teams get to hear about the history behind the brand and see the countryside as they make their way from Sky to Inverness, between stages.

This year, 10 teams of 4 people competed for the honours: this included 7 UK teams, 1 Dutch team, a Brazilian team and the US team, led by the Carolina Panther’s tight end, Jeremy Shockey.  The ultimate winners were ‘Double W’ a group of fit and very determined young lads from Holland who beat (but only just) the RAF team (UltRAFast).

Drambuie pursuit teams including Kenny logan and lawrence dallaglio

The events this year included archery, (a camp out overnight…No…pain….no…gain!!!!) then sea kayaking, a steeeeeep hill bike climb, hill climb on foot, white water rafting, mountain biking, off-road pilot buggies, canoeing and final road run to the castle.  Generally speaking, an exhausting but extremely enjoyable day for all concerned, finished on a high with a lovely meal for the competitors and some of the organisers/ staff at the Glenmoriston Townhouse on the banks of the River Ness.

Oh and there was plenty of Drambuie available too!  Looking forward to next year already.

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