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Why should you try TreeZone?

treezone aerial adventure course
treezone aerial adventure course
TreeZone is a great all-year round choice for:
  • School & youth groups
  • Stag & hen groups
  • Families visiting for the day
  • Team days out from the office

We’re open throughout the year so you see how things change with the seasons

TreeZone is open daily, Easter to October with the first sessions typically starting at 10:00am.   TreeZone is a 5-star activity provider and we take a great pride in doing things right.

Why should you have a go if you’re with a school or youth group?

We find that children and youths not only enjoy the experience, but they also benefit personally from the challenge.  For most children, it could well be their first experience of an aerial activity like this, that challenges them both physically and mentally.
First, they have to make the first steps on to the lower level course, which is still high enough off the ground to raise the pulse rate somewhat.  They can then progress to the higher, more challenging course, but only if they want to.
This gradual progression allows them to get used to the idea of being high off the ground in very safe environment, learning how to cope with a bit of fear perhaps, but ultimately coming away with a great sense of achievement and greater self-confidence.
Add to this the fact that they are breathing wonderful fresh-air in a superb location close to nature, and it makes for an extremely worthwhile excursion for young people.

Why should you have a go if you’re a stag or a hen group?

If you’re a stag or hen group staying in the area, TreeZone provides the ideal opportunity to stay out of the pub for a bit longer, clear the heads from the evening before and work up a thirst or appetite for later on.
It’s challenging enough for you to come away thinking that you will deserve that first thirst-quenching drink of the day, but not so difficult that you’ll be wanting to numb the pain!

Why should you have a go if you’re visiting the area for the day?

If you’re planning to visit the area for a day, TreeZone could fit nicely into your plans.  Perhaps a round of TreeZone in the morning to work up an appetite, before picking up some picnic supplies at the Rothiemurchus Farm Shop to take down to Loch an Eilein for a relaxing afternoon.  Or perhaps drop in to Lomond shores for some shopping while you send the kids around our Loch Lomond Course.
You could tie in TreeZone with one of the other exciting activities on the Rothiemurchus Estate or at Lomond Shores for a fun packed day.

Why should you have a go if you’re a business looking for an alternative team day out?

If you’re looking for something a bit different to do with your work colleagues, whether it’s simply to escape the office environment and have a bit of fun as a team, or to use it as part of a team building activity day, TreeZone is ideal.
Not everyone is a fan of heights, so teamwork is essential if everyone is to make it round the TreeZone course.  It provides an ideal opportunity to bond as a team in a fun, yet challenging environment and gives you all something to talk about back at the office for the weeks and months to follow.
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