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What can you expect at TreeZone?

holding onto ropes on treezone course
TreeZone barrel crawl
TreeZone awerial adventure course
TreeZone aerial adventure course
  • It’s an exhilarating, nature-based adventure that usually lasts about 1-1.5 hours.
  • There are balance beams, crazy crossings, Tarzan swings, and a monster zip-wire ride suspended from wires, high up in trees.
  • There are 34 different challenges at TreeZone Aviemore and 28 at TreeZone Loch Lomond that you face on your journey through the forest canopy.

On arrival at the TreeZone Cabin, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly staff and taken through a quick briefing process, to make sure you understand what’s ahead of you and what do if you get stuck. You’ll also be kitted out with the relevant safety equipment.

Then it’s the fun bit!

The TreeCreeper is where everyone starts their adventure with up to 12 fun crossings at around 20 feet (6m) above the forest floor.  The Treecreeper allows you to get your head into gear as you progress around the challenges, growing in confidence as you go.

The Buzzard courses are for those that are happy to proceed to the more challenging elements of the course as it rises up to almost 40 feet (12m) above the ground in places.  With up to another 22 testing challenges ahead, this really gets the adrenaline flowing.

  • TreeZone is a fun-packed and unique nature-based experience.
  • It is challenging and thrilling yet no experience or specific skills are required.
  • It is safe and confidence-building with staff on hand to help out whenever required.
  • It provides a great bonding experience for families, friends or colleagues while out getting some much needed fresh air.

Once you’re finished you’ll make your way back to The Cabin to return your equipment and at that point you have the chance to buy some TreeZone goodies.

We also encourage our customers to go away and spend a minute or two giving some feedback on Tripadvisor or Google Reviews.  We love to hear about customer experiences and what’s even better is when we see photos on our Facebook page.

What else can you expect?  A great time!

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