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TreeZone Teacher Zone

holding onto ropes on treezone course

TreeZone provides an environment ripe with learning opportunities


The following pages offer teachers an incredibly useful resource to help get the most of an outdoor learning experience at TreeZone.

There are obvious benefits to a child’s physical development created by the kinaesthetic challenges of the aerial assault course. The course requires children to use their spatial awareness, balance and strength. It also presents a psychological challenge for many, especially those with inhibitions or fears relating to heights.

The children’s emotional development will benefit form various aspects of the experience ranging from the exposure to a unique and interesting environment to the creation of opportunities to offer praise and support to their peers.

For the online resources we wanted to create a space where teachers could find guidance and support in identifying the learning opportunities and experiences relating directly to TreeZone.  The ecological aspects were central to our aims and we have made the environmental learning opportunities the focus of our resources.

In the following online resources you will find a breakdown of the strongest links to Curriculum for Excellence; a selection of information sheets on the wildlife found at TreeZone; worksheets for use in school and on-site at the course; a page of useful websites; and information relating to the development of the resources.

We hope you find the resources useful in your lesson planning and in enhancing the educational value of your visit to TreeZone, and we’d love to hear what you think about them.

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