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Experiences and Outcomes

Biodiversity and interdependence

Learners explore the rich and changing diversity of living things and develop their understanding of how organisms are interrelated at local and global levels. By exploring interactions and energy flow between plants and animals (including humans), learners develop their understanding of how species depend on one another and on the environment for survival. Learners investigate the factors affecting plant growth and develop their understanding of the positive and negative impact of the human population on the environment.


– I can distinguish between living and non living things. I can sort living things into groups and explain my decisions.

– I can explore examples of food chains and show an appreciation of how animals and plants depend on each other for food.

– I can help to design experiments to find out what plants need in order to grow and develop. I can observe and record my findings and from what I have learned I can grow healthy plants in school.


– I can identify and classify examples of living things, past and present, to help me appreciate their diversity. I can relate physical and behavioural characteristics to their survival or extinction.

– I can use my knowledge of the interactions and energy flow between plants and animals in ecosystems, food chains and webs. I have contributed to the design or conservation of a wildlife area.

– Through carrying out practical activities and investigations, I can show how plants have benefited society.


– I can sample and identify living things from different habitats to compare their biodiversity and can suggest reasons for their distribution.

– I have collaborated on investigations into the process of photosynthesis and I can demonstrate my understanding of why plants are vital to sustaining life on Earth.


– I understand how animal and plant species depend on each other and how living things are adapted for survival. I can predict the impact of population growth and natural hazards on biodiversity.

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