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River Sledging

River Sledging has its roots in the U.S. and New Zealand where it has been established for a number of years.  It has been growing in popularity in mainland Europe for a few years now but is still hard to find in the U.K.

This is an activity for those with a taste for adrenalin and adventure: you’ll be kitted out with one of our Fluid Anvil river sledges, a wetsuit, helmet, buoyancy aid and some fins.

We offer both river and whitewater sledging, the former being more suited to younger or less confident adventure-seekers.  Our White-water sledging takes the whole experience up a gear, with more whitewater, bigger rapids, bigger waves to surf and much more adrenaline pumping through the body!

River Sledging is currently only available to book for private groups with a minimum booking value of £290.

Suitable for …

  • River Sledging – min. age 12
  • Whitewater Sledging – min. age 14-16 depending on venue
  • Must be able to swim and be confident in fast-moving water

Tailor-Made Group Activities

Flexible dates and more venue options, suitable for larger groups

  • white water river sledging

    White Water Sledging Aviemore

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