The River Ness starts its life in the mighty Loch Ness.  Who knows, perhaps Nessie found her way into Loch Ness up the river from the North Sea many years ago?

We offer the chance to paddle the river from the northern end of Loch Ness, down towards the city centre.  Starting on Loch Dochfour there is the opportunity to get some coaching in our stable Canadian Canoes, familiarising yourselves with the boats, for the journey ahead.

Once everyone is happy to go the journey starts with a drop over a weir!  Nothing too scary but you need to keep your wits about you.  After that the river winds its way down towards the sea, with some small rapids and another weir to negotiate on the way.  You’ll notice the scenery change as you paddle from a distinctly rural setting, but gradually becoming more suburban.  You’ll get the chance to get out and stretch your legs as well during the journey.

This is a lovely river trip suitable for novice paddlers wanting to experience a river journey.  You can choose to walk back into town when you finish, as there is lovely walk back into the city centre, along the banks of the river.

Come and join us for a cracking day out on the river.

SuitabilityMinimum age: 12 years old (paddling). We can take younger children if not paddling (min age 6).  No previous canoe experience essential but some basic canoe skills are beneficial.
Cost per person
Minimum booking valueFrom £290 depending on shuttle arrangements between start and finish points.
WearComfortable athletic clothing, outdoor shoes, hat, waterproof jacket and sunscreen
IncludedAll necessary paddling equipment.
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Canoeing on loch ness