This is our favourite and most challenging gorge walking venue. Everything is bigger, from the jumps, slides to the waterfalls and water-chutes.  This is definitely for the more adventurous amongst you and a more committing venue than our others.
You will find yourself clambering on rocks, sliding down fast moving water-chutes, jumping into deep pools (we have an 8 metre jump if you’re up for it, sliding over waterfalls and tumbling through rapids.  An adrenaline-seekers nirvanna!
We have a range of other great venues for anyone looking for adventure, some with easier options for those that love the idea of Gorge Walking, but perhaps don’t want to take on all the obstacles. Call us to find out which venue would be best for your group.
Suitability Minimum age: 14.  Must be able to swim 25m and be confident in fast-moving water.
Cost per person
Minimum booking value Weekly scheduled sessions in July and August.

Otherwise on request, subject to a £300 minimum booking fee.

Wear Swimsuits.
What’s included Helmet, wetsuit, buoyancy aid
Location Strathconon (30 mins north-west of Inverness )

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