Gorge Walking (or gorge swimming) is a wonderful, exciting activity for those with a sense of adventure.  At it’s most basic you will be kitted out in wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid, then taken exploring a small river or stream over rocks, up and down waterfalls, into deeper pools and down rock slides. Introductory sessions offer plenty of ‘get-outs’ if you don’t like the look of something and just want to bypass it.

Our more advanced gorge sessions involve more swimming, more whitewater, bigger jumps and slides and more commitment.  We have access to some awesome venues around Scotland just waiting to be explored.

Suitable for …

  • Age 6 and upwards depending on the venue
  • For the more advanced venues a minimum age of 12 – 14 will be applicable
  • Must be able to swim for the more advanced locations.
  • Must be happy in fast-moving water