Enjoy the great outdoors now at 50% off at In Your Element

Are you feeling a bit sluggish and tired after the holidays? Do you lack the motivation to be active and smash those new year’s resolutions? The winter blues are here, and one of the best ways to beat them is by going out and enjoying the wonders of the great Scottish outdoors. 

We got you! Until the 18th of February, we’re offering 50% off outdoor activities thanks to VisitScotland’s Days Out Incentive Fund. The only way to truly enjoy keeping active throughout the year is to make it fun; you don’t have to spend endless hours at the gym or running on a treadmill for hours. You can improve your fitness and wellness just as much by climbing, axe-throwing, or if you want something lighter – we also do guided walks.  

Being outside has so many benefits for our well-being, both for our physical and mental health. It’s proven that walking and spending time outdoors in nature lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress, as well as improves your focus and mood.  

Remember – there is no bad weather – there are just inappropriate clothes! So put on your warmest jacket and some cosy socks and head outside.      

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